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To compliment the management and operational control of small & medium sized businesses, 01 BUSINESS SOLUTIONS specialises in one-stop accounting solution. This includes fulfilling the basic to complex accounting needs and accounting-related requirements of businesses at economical rates.

Having worked with many businesses with limited resources or limited access to accounting expertise, we had helped many small & medium sized businesses in equipping them with vital financial information which had enable them to make more informed business decisions and exercise better management control over their business operations. Our clients have access to expertise and knowledge of experienced trained accountants without the need to employ a fulltime professional Accountant. Thus achieving higher productivity, lower costs and spend more quality time on their core business issues.

Professionalism and integrity are our foremost motto. Whilst providing financial information that is timely, relevant, reliable and understandable, you can expect absolute confidentiality.

At 01 BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, our team of professionals are all university graduates majoring in Accountancy and fellow member of professional accounting bodies, with more than twenty years of experience in various industries with small & medium sized enterprises and multi-national corporations.

Besides providing personalized, reliable & trustworthy professional services, our value-added approach of providing superior & top quality service economically is no doubt an assuring choice for you. And our flexible & friendly culture would definitely make us great partners.






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